Difference Between Assisted Facilities And In Home Care- Anthem Senior Gardens

  • June 30, 2017 BY  Anthem Senior
  • Anthem Senior Gardens

If you feel that your parents or grandparents are no longer in the state to live or carry out their day-to-day tasks independently and would require assistance at every step then it is time that you go for assisted care for them which can either be by going for an assisted care facility or by hiring caregiver for taking care of your loved one in the house. If you are thinking about assisted care facilities then go for a licensed one such as Anthem Senior Gardens in the Phoenix region in Arizona. Expect for your loved one to receive the best possible assisted living in Anthem care and support in the hands of the compassionate caregivers at Anthem Senior Gardens. There is a stark difference between the two forms of assisted care, read on:

Home Care

In-home care involves you hiring the services of a caregiver who would drop in at your place for some time and assist your loved one in a few of his or her activities such as cooking a meal, driving them around, taking them grocery shopping, etc. Having a caregiver’s assistance at every step would help your loved one in leading a much better life. But the problem with in home care is that it may happen that because of sickness or some other personal reason the caregiver might not show up which can cause disruption with your schedule or work.

Assisted Living In Assisted Care Facilities

Assisted facilities have gained a lot of popularity among people which can mainly be attributed to the highest level of care and support that they provide. If you have elderly members in your family who are either suffering with mobility issues or has memory problems which means they would require round the clock assistance and it is only in assisted facilities where your loved ones can expect to get it. Assisted facilities are on similar lines with that of nursing homes, the only difference being in a nursing home a number of patients have to share the same room whereas assisted facilities can house a number of people which gives each individual the opportunity of choosing a suite or an apartment of his or her choice and personalize it accordingly. The form of care provided at such facilities are also on a par with that of nursing home care. The caregivers at assisted care homes are highly-skilled and well-trained in most medical procedures which keeps them always prepared in facing any medical emergency involving someone else effectively.

So it is totally up to you about what you decide for your loved one. You can either go for in-home care or opt to put your loved one at an assisted facility such as Anthem Senior Gardens which is one of the most reputed Anthem assisted living facility in the Arizona region. The fun-filled activities arranged and the events organized at the place will always keep your loved one in high spirits with never a moment of dullness in their lives during their stay at the place.